Whether you are looking for selling your mobile home or remodeling it before for your living, most homes look fabulous after a little bit of renovation or improvement. But it doesn’t mean that large remodeling is required not at all. Depending on the circumstances and situations of your home, you could get by renovating it what you want. Small strategic tweaks and quick DIYs can make a huge difference in the appearance of your house.

The following is the guide for mobile home renovation ideas that will add considerable value to your space. They will make your surroundings more functional and appealing and also pacify potential home buyers. Either way, you will be the winner as you will have a refreshing-looking home.

Mobile Home Renovation Ideas-Exterior

Most people spend their time and efforts primarily on the beautification of the home’s interior. But don’t forget the exterior of the home is also equally important. Here are few things that can add up to the exterior of your house.

1. Front area of the house

The front door is the ultimate changeover space of your home and also a decisive part of the first impression on any visitor. You can spruce this exterior part by replacing front porch lights, tossing down a new doormat, painting the house door along cleaning the front area of your home.

2. Lawn cleaning

Another important element of mobile home improvement is tidy landscapes and lawns. You can clean this by trimming and edging the grass and snipping the bushes and shrubs.

3. Creating a personal space

Create a space like a gazebo, a deck, or a patio where you can spend some time with all your family members. If it would be covered then it will look more beautiful and also save it from natural elements.

4. Adding more trees and plants

The presence of trees and plants is good for health and also they look exquisite. So, plant some shade trees and flowering plants as they will make your house more desirable. 

5. Enhancing beauty by landscaping

Always opt for low-maintenance landscaping as it will save your money and add value to the exterior of your house.

6. Garden addition or renovation

If you love gardening, then you can try building a raised garden bed which is easier for growing plants and less time-consuming while maintaining. Also, it will look decorative and harvesting will be easy.

Mobile Home Renovation Ideas-Interior

From entryways to the living room, from the bathroom to kitchen, from the dining area to the master bedroom, all make the interior of your house. If you are trying some mobile home improvements, then you will have to cover all these areas as every nook of the house should look beautiful and refreshing. Here are few ideas for interior mobile home renovation that you can either DIY or hire a professional.

1. Appealing kitchen

Everyone loves to have a beautiful kitchen whether it’s open or cozy cooking space. A kitchen has a great influence on the value of the entire home. Kitchen renovation can be done in the form of adding new cabinets, sink installments, painting old cabinets, and changes on countertops.

2. Adding fall ceilings

Next form of mobile remodeling your house is putting new roofs like fall ceilings or replacing the faulty roofs with newer ones. Due to the influence of rain and storms roofs are among the most popular home improvements projects in coastal areas.

3. Mobile home remodeling

You can remodel your house by adding a new room to your house or by merging two small rooms into a bigger one. Since this is an expensive project so it needs proper management and planning and the help of professionals.

4. Window renovation and decoration

Another most quoted and searched mobile home improvement project is window renovations. Windows add an impression of spaciousness and also allow natural light and air in the room. It includes installation of new panes, replacement of small windows with bigger ones,  and investment in the new technology of sliding door and window.

5. Fantastic flooring

After roof and windows comes flooring. Since flooring is always considered a modestly priced investment so it can be a good option to start your mobile home improvement project. The renovation of flooring also adds up to the home’s value especially when your present carpet is flattened, which gives difficulty while cleaning or dirty. The addition of new carpet will help in clearing away the dirty or grimy areas that were difficult to clean initially.

6. Painting of the house

The most common and one of the cheapest mobile home renovation projects is painting. Both interior and exterior painting projects are affordable and will add up value to your home. 

But before this, you will have to make sure that your desired paint must be according to the housing standards. Along with changing the colors of the walls of the rooms, you can also change the colors of wooden almirah whether from the kitchen or your living room.

7. Staircase beautification

The next mobile home remodeling option is the beautification of your staircase. You can do this by adding decorative stair brackets along with changing their style. You can change them to wooden from glass stairs or as you like.

8. Adding and replacing things

The next project of mobile home renovation involves adding new things or replacing older from new ones to your house like adding a dishwasher, replacing your faulty water heater, or adding some new furniture.

Mobile Home Improvement Loan

Are you planning to renovate or remodel your mobile house and money is becoming the main concern for you? Then leave all your worries aside as now you can take mobile home improvement loans from a bank or any other financial organization. This is a type of unsecured personal loan which is made without any collateral security. This loan is not mortgaged or reverse mortgaged and also won’t put your home at risk. 

You can pay this loan in easy installments or regular monthly payments as per the size of the loan. Most loans of this type are paid off within three to five years. Your credit history and repaying ability will decide the amount of your loan.

Reasons for choosing a mobile home improvement loan

  • A mobile home improvement loan has fixed rates, a lower APR as compared to a credit card, and a steady monthly payable amount. 
  • The added benefit of this loan is that interest rates remain the same throughout the life of the loan.
  • It’s not necessary to take a loan if you can pay all your mobile home improvements in cash. Though many people have cash available with them but not at once so it is recommended to take a home improvement loan.
  • Mobile home improvement loan helps in enhancing the value of your house if you are using it for projects like a second bathroom, floor changing from carpet to hardwood, or building a garage. In these cases, your loan will be a solid investment for the future.
  • If you just want to do some important repairs like a leaky roof, broken appliances, insulation, and drafty windows, then also mobile home improvement loan can be a good option for you. 

There is no limit to the purposes for which you can use your mobile home improvement loan.

The Bottom Line

Mobile home improvement is required for everyone. Some may require it just for repairs and some for major projects. Mobile home improvement adds up to the value of your house and gives your home an appealing look. If you are falling short of money then a mobile home improvement loan is the option to fulfill your dreams. So, don’t think much just plan and do it.