Maintaining your farming business is as challenging as starting one. You need to invest a lot before you get any profits and need heavy machinery. From tractors to plows, only the right kind of machines can maximize yield.

However, the cost of each one of these machines is significantly high, and most people face difficulty in buying every necessary equipment. Well, with farm loans for equipment, people can make their lives less problematic.

Yes, farm equipment financing is no doubt an ideal option. You could purchase any tools you require on the field. The best part, these loans won’t put a strain on you or your account because they are affordable. So, don’t hesitate before applying for a loan. If it meets your needs, there is no harm in applying for a loan.

How to Choose the Right Equipment Loan?

No doubt, a farming loan will make your life easier, but one should always consider their needs before applying. Try assessing your financial situation to get a better look at how much you will need for your farming equipment. Once you’re clear about your finances, you will apply for an exact amount. That way, you do not have too much money or too little.

Try asking yourself questions like:

How much funding is required?
What kind of equipment needs financing?
What are your business’s qualifications?
What are the interest rates?
After answering a few of these questions, you gain clarity on the type of loan you require and apply accordingly.

When Should I Apply for a Farming Loan?

Another thing to ask before approaching a lender is to decide when you require a loan. For example, if you need instant cash for a project, applying for a farm loan for equipment would be a wise decision. No one would provide you with an investment faster than a lender, and Quick Loans makes sure it gives tailored loan solutions in the shortest possible time.

Unexpected expenses might also throw you off the ground sometimes. Thus, getting a loan in such a situation won’t be too bad.

Often, people are discouraged from taking matters to banks due to fear of interest rates, but with our easy loan management systems, you won’t have to worry. Neither do we ask for a lengthy list of documents, nor do we urge you to make multiple trips to our office. Our procedure is simple and quick. All you need is an application form and collateral ranging between $1,000 and $25,000, and you’re good to go.

What can I Use a Farm Loan for?

You can use the loan for any agriculture-related work, including purchasing tractors, buying power tillers, harvesting crops, repairing damaged machinery, and installing water pumps. With all the right machinery on your land, your fields produce much more than the previous outputs.

We realize how vital farming pieces of equipment are for your successful farming operations and make sure you get them in time with the help of a loan. Most lenders take days or weeks to process loan requests, but not Quick loans. Our processing time spans over a few hours.

When you opt for farm equipment loans from Quick Loans, your journey becomes seamless. We cater to all kinds of farmers’ requests. So, if you’re in a hurry to get a loan for a new tractor or hay, submit an online application. You could do it from any location and get instant approval. Acquire a loan according to your needs and start running a successful agricultural operation.

Our experts also guide you throughout the process. If you feel lost or confused, contact our team. It won’t be incorrect to say, you’re just one click away from getting a low-interest-rate equipment loan.

A: If you are in urgent need of a farm equipment loan and have no credit then Quick Loans Canada will help you. You just need to fill our easy online application and we will get back to you within 24 hours


Two pieces of photo ID (license and health card)

· Proof of income

· Proof of residence (rental agreement, mortgage or tax bill)

· Photos of exterior and interior of the collateral

· Clear photo of the vehicle’s odometer

· Proof of vehicle insurance

· Proof of ownership of vehicle

· Void check

· Five reference

we will back to you within 24 hours


  • You own the vehicle outright. There are no liens on the vehicle, you have no further outstanding payments on the vehicle and you are not leasing the car.
  • The vehicle you wish to use as collateral is less than 8 years old, except in the case of luxury vehicles.
  • You have a steady source of income
  • Your vehicle is comprehensively insured including collision.


As soon as you submit your documents and sign your contract, your loan funds will be wired into your bank account.

If you meet the above requirements then apply today! We have the easiest application process and you can have your money promptly!


Our Loans are secured by assets instead of credit score assessment. So it doesn’t matter what credit score you have. As long as you own a paid out vehicle that is less than eight years old you may apply for a Quick Loan which is secured by the value of your vehicle.