Car Title Loan with Bad Credit

You’re in a fix, have bad credit, and need money quickly; what to do? It’s a situation many Canadians seeking financial help find themselves in, only for traditional lenders to turn them away. Luckily, car title loans offer an easy way to get credit, even with bad credit.

Quick Loans Canada is already a household name. We’ve been funding Canadians with bad credit for over 15 years. We offer personal and business loans based on the value of your asset – if you go for secured loans. We won’t bug you for a credit check.

What are Auto Title Loans for Bad Credit?

Car title loans Canada are personal loans designed for those with an unsatisfactory credit score who can’t get credit services from banks. The loan uses the borrower’s vehicle as collateral, and a period to repay the loan is set. Any vehicle can be accepted as collateral, provided it does not have existing loans against it and is insured.

The claim is removed once you’ve paid your title loan and the borrower regains full vehicle ownership. If you’d like to know more about our car title loans or would like to start the application process, fill out our online application form, and we’ll have you sorted.

Why Quick Loans Canada?

With Quick Loans Canada, we deliver what we promise. There are no shortcuts during the application and cash receipt process. You’ll get the exact amount you qualified for in your account. Are you worried about the application process? Relax. Our application process is straightforward and 100% online; you can even fill it out on your phone. We’re always a phone call away if you still need further clarification.

Transparent and Exceptional Customer Service

We understand that you might already be in financial distress. We aim to relax your situation by providing affordable solutions while treating you with the respect you deserve. More so, we know you need money urgently, so we disburse the funds less than 24 hours after a successful application. You can always count on our undivided support and services whenever needed in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, or the surrounding regions.

What Do You Need to Qualify for Vehicle Title Loans?

Getting our no credit check loans Ontario is quite straightforward, but you must still meet our eligibility criteria to proceed with the application. Here’s how to qualify for a guaranteed loan approval:

  • Own a fully paid-off vehicle of the recommended age.
  • Your car should be insured and not have an existing loan against it.
  • Show proof that you earn an income.
  • Have two pieces of identification
  • Take clear pictures of the vehicle’s exterior, interior, and odometer
  • Have some references

Once you meet the criteria, fast-track the application process. Fill out the application form and submit the required documents. Once you accept the terms and conditions, the agreed loan amount will be sent to your account promptly.

Keep Driving With our Collateral Title Loans

Traditional lenders might have frustrated your efforts to get a loan, but not anymore. With car collateral loans Canada, you will keep your can and access up to $50,000. Again, we offer a relaxed repayment term for many months based on your capability to help you pay back without headaches. Apply now and get adequate funds to cater to your needs.