Once approved, Quick Loans are deposited directly to your bank account. This means that the money is yours to be applied as you choose whether you want to renovate your home or office, take a vacation or just need some extra cash in your hands. Quick Loans is here to meet all your financial needs.

Quick Loans are secured by assets instead of credit score assessment. This means that it doesn’t matter what credit score you have. As long as you own a paid out vehicle less than eight years old you may apply for a Quick Loan which is secured by the value of your vehicle.

Your car may be used as collateral so long as it:

  • Is completely paid for
  • Has comprehensive insurance coverage including coverage
  • Has a clear title (not leased or has outstanding loans)
  • Is less than eight years old

You may still be granted a Quick Loan even though you have bankruptcy on your record. Our loans are approved on the value of your asset and we don’t look at your history or credit rating.

No, when you use your car as collateral Quick Loans simply has a lien on it in the event of default on the loan. While you are servicing the loan it remains in your name and possession.

Quick Loans are intended to be flexible and easy to repay. You may choose to repay your loan in monthly installments over the course of 2 to 5 years.