December 8, 2023 in Finance

Mobile Home Refinancing: When and Why, You Should Do It

Mobile homes continue to gain popularity in Canada every year. Based on the previous years, the projection for the number of mobile homes in 2023 stands at 0.2 million homes, and this number will continue to grow. Thanks to their mobility, practicality, and effectiveness – not forgetting the easy access to a mortgage on a mobile home.

Unfortunately, with the challenging economic times, it’s evident that most mortgage holders with a mobile home are struggling to make monthly payments. With that in mind, mobile home refinancing isn’t a topic we can ignore. It’s an excellent approach to enjoy considerable savings on your loan.

This article comprehensively explains mobile home refinance, why and when you need refinancing, and many more aspects. We’ll also delve into Quick Loans Canada for considerate mortgage loan terms whenever you want to work with the right financiers.

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Understanding Mobile Home Refinancing

You are probably wondering what mobile home refinancing is and how it works. Simply put, it involves revising the terms of an existing mobile loan agreement to favorable changes. The refinancing can be via your current lender or a different one.

So, can any borrower with an existing mobile home loan seek refinancing? The truth is, based on where you are seeking refinancing, some qualities will make you an ideal candidate. Some are based on your debt-to-income ratio, home verification documents, and credit score.

Consider this: Before you apply for a loan refinance.

  • Confirm that you have a “real” mobile home built with recommended specifications.
  • Confirm the adherence to Canada’s mobile home regulations.
  • Go for the ideal home refinancing rate and terms – based on your qualifications and financial situation.

When Do You Need Mobile Home Refinancing?

Most often, mobile homeowners seek refinancing when their financial situation deteriorates. You get into a situation where the debt will keep increasing if you don’t act immediately. Refinancing works magic! It’s because the debt structuring allows you to have an easy and stress-free time when making payments.

However, that’s not always the case; some will go for refinancing immediately when their finances improve. With more income or money at hand, it means you can clear the loan in a short time through huge payments. Many financial institutions welcome this move. Note that a short duration of payment attracts better refinancing loan terms.

Why You Need Mobile Home Refinancing in Canada: 5 Reasons

Whether you are refinancing for the first time or you’ve done it before, the reasons below will help you appreciate your decision. Let’s dive into the five benefits of mobile home refinancing in Canada.

  • It Lowers Your Loan’s Monthly Payments

You make payments with the amount you can afford at the moment. Whenever you get a chance to make smaller monthly payments, it does not only become manageable, but you also get an opportunity to save more money. You can use the saved amount to cover other monthly expenses. Don’t wait for your mobile home mortgage loans to get out of hand when you can enjoy this benefit.

  • It Offers an Extended Loan Repayment Term

If the specified loan repayment period seems unmanageable, apply for refinancing. The significant advantage of paying your loan for longer is that it becomes quite affordable. As mentioned earlier, if your finances start escalating, you can reduce the loan repayment period and still get reasonable rates. More on this below.

  • You Secure a Lower Interest Rate

Qualifying for fair-interest rates on mobile home loans requires you to pay more quickly. Suppose you have a consistent income, then that’s better. Other considerations include your debt-to-income ratio and credit score. Whether you qualify for reduced interest rates will also depend on the qualification standards of the lender.

  • Suitable for Your Home Equity

To what extent do you own your home? You can know this from the difference between the home’s value and the loan balance. That means the more you refinance and clear your mortgage, the more home equity or ownership you can claim. Good equity built over time enhances your access to future mobile home financing.

  • It Helps Consolidate Debts

Are you struggling with many debts? Don’t panic – you are not alone. Most Canadians have multiple debts. Debt consolidation with a mortgage or mobile home refinance will make the payments favorable. You get to pay less interest on a consolidated loan, reducing the cost of debt.

Ready for Mobile Home Mortgage Loans? Quick Loans Canada Has You Covered

If you ask Canadians about the ease of getting a mobile home mortgage, you’ll be surprised that the majority still think it’s a highly complex process. Their views are justifiable, considering most financiers have restrictive checklists for interested individuals.

For instance, in many cases, you’ll need an excellent credit score and many supporting documents. If that’s not enough, you’ll incur many unnecessary costs during the financing process. So, can you get a mortgage on a mobile home cheaply?

We’ve got some excellent news for you: Quick Loans is now the best and most affordable mortgage and mobile home financing option for all Canada residents. Here’s more that awaits you!

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